Basic FluoLab VIs

 VIs from FluoLab.llb
Inits the software and the hardware. 
Ends a LSM-Session

Laser shutter control 
Does open/close the laser shutter
Photomultiplier voltage 
Sets the voltage of both PMs.
Move z stage 
Relatively moves the z stage
Next Z Move 
Performs a Z-Scan (called from a loop)

Basic mirror control X Y and 
Set the mirror to absolute position
Prepare a scan 
Calculates koordinates for bidirectional scan
Prepare Circle / Line Scan and 
Calculates koordinates for a circle or a line scan
Scans along an arbitrary line
Extract image 
Sets the data along an arbitrary line into an image
Special Scan Next Line 
Scans one line from a XYZ-Cube (called from a loop)

Get tick frequency 
Gets the frequency of the ticks (some MHz)
Get tick 
Gets the next tick number
Wait tick 
Waits for ticks for use from a loop