LabView?  VIs?

LabView is a graphical programming language.

You make up a panel, where you arrange your booleans, reals, integers, structs, arrays, strings, file-paths in a graphical way. For example a number can be a slider, a boolean a button, an array an image or a plot and so on. This window for the user interaction is called a PANEL.

Your variables also show up in a second window, the DIAGRAM. There, you program by wiring the variables together, very similar to an electrical circuit. You design, how your data has to flow. For example you have icons that add values together. Of course you have also case-structures, for or while loops which show up as rectangles. And very nice things like auto-indexing of arrays... All these elements are arranged in a window.

The subprograms in LabView are small icons in the diagram. They are called VIs (for virtual instrument).

FluoLab gives you some VIs to control the FluoView LSM.