Problems with the FLIC-Applets

FLIC-Server Applets

On the browsers I tested don't let applets copy data to the clipboard. Perhaps you can
find an installation which can be configured to allow it (and mail it to me)

These Applets need jdk1.1 to work. That means you'll need Netscape 4.5 or later.
Micro$oft was so bright not to implement the object serialization fully which is needed
for the applet-servlet communication: it will NOT run on MS Internet Explorer 4.0.x.
You can have your own ideas about this, I have the impression that they know what
they do. It does run under MSIE 5.0, however.

I do get class load failures with Netscape 4.04; this could be due to sloppy class imports,
but is OK with Netscape 4.5.

FLIC Demonstration Applets

Although I tested the FLIC-Applet on various machines, it wasn't possible to avoid all bugs.
Most come from bad implementations of the java runtime environment or the java AWT.
I obtained best results with JDK1.1 (e.g. with Netscape Communicator 4.0x with jdk1.1-update
or later versions). It runs with MS Internet Explorer 4.0. They are written with jdk1.0.2-event-modell.

If you have the impression that our servlet is not running any more, please contact.

Known bugs:

Clicking next to the slider doesn't let it move enough.
This is a problem of jdk1.0.2 and is OK with jdk1.1

When opening the applet in a window with Netscape3.0 or MSIE3.0
the applet doesn't react on resizement of the window and is not
drawn in the middle of the window. Sorry, can't help. Is OK with
good installations of jdk1.1 (Netscape 4.x-Browser) but not with
MS Internet Explorer 4.0.x.

Dieter Braun

Please feel free to report all problems to