Für die Diskussion und für interessierte an dem Buch ein paar Auszüge aus:

The inside story of how the most powerful financial institution drives the markets
Martin Mayer, the free press, 2001, ISBN 0-684-84740-X

Links mit Stern(*) enthalten Auszüge, die für die NewMoney-Diskussion besonders relevant sind. Bei Fragen, mail.

 Part one: Magic Tricks
  1: The Magician on the World Stage
  2: The Magician at home
Part two: Central Banks
  3: What is a central bank?  *
  4: The question of independence  *
Part three: Avoiding Catastrophe
  5: The System and its risks
  6: The American Lender of last Resort
Part four: Making Money
  7: The Age of Invention
  8: Monetary Policy in the Maelstrom
  9: Disaster Time  *
  10: Greenspan and the markets  *
  11: Internationally
Part five: The Day Jobs
  12: The Payments Franchise
  13: Supervisions
  14: The Fed and the Poor
Part six: What's next?
  15: The FED in our Future  *