FLIC Server professional
The applet below fits from the data of a precalculated optical setup cell substrate distances of many measurements. 

Choose your setup and paste your measurement file from the clipboard into the text area (typically with CTRL-V). Choose the file format, a starting value for the distance fit and press "Fit the distances" to get the distance and its error from the FLIC Server. You can choose the results with the choice field or the cursor buttons and have a look at the fitted plot [fluorescence intensity vs. oxide thickness] with "Show Graph". To copy the ploted data into the clipboard, press "Copy Graph Data", you get more data columns on "Copy All Data". To copy the fitted distances into the clipboard, press "Copy distances". 

To obtain the FLIC intensities from 8-Bit Greyscale images we can provide LabView programs. Please inquire.

[when the applet doesn't work correctly...]

Have a look at the systematic error and at the measurement of ghosts

See also the FLIC-Server for 4 oxides